Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Film Industry - Easter Revision for Year 12

Revision for the Film Industry

1. Film Case Studies

Skyfall (2012) will be our big budget case study, Monsters (2010) will be used as an exemplar case study for a micro-budget film along with Shifty (2008).

Read through the power points and make notes on the production, distribution (& marketing) and exhibition of all three films.

To what extent has digital technology affected the production, distribution & marketing, and exhibition of there films?

Spend about an hour on each film.




Gareth Edwards went on to direct the new Godzilla (2014) movie. Find out more about it here:


Was there anything interesting about the production, distribution and marketing or exhibition of this film?

Godzilla (2014) quiet marketing

Godzilla (2014) viral marketing



Eran Creevy went onto direct Welcome to the Punch (2013).

Was there anything interesting about the production, distribution and marketing or exhibition of this film?

Welcome to the Punch Premiere at Glasgow Film Festival



Check out the teaser trailer for Spectre:


We will also look at the film Ex_Machina (2015) as our art-house 'Indiewood' case study if we have time...


Working Title

If we have time we will also be looking at Working Title Films as a Case Study. It would be very useful for you to watch some Working Title films. There are 'classics' like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually but also more quirky (and less successful) releases like The Boat That Rocked (bad film but good case study). Try and watch at one in the hols...


Independent Research

I would also like you to do some research of your own. you should spend a couple of hours on this.

Find out more about the small independent UK film production company Warp Films and answer these 4 questions…what kind of films do the produce? For what audience? How do they market and distribute them? Where are you likely to see them?


2. Film Industry Revision Documentaries

You will be given a DVD containing 4 documentaries on the film industry that cover Production, Distribution, Exhibition and Film Piracy.

You should watch these and make notes on what you think are the key elements.

Each documentary lasts about 25 mins. so this should take you about two and a half hours.

3. Film Industry Revision Booklets

The last of the revision guides for the film industry (on Exhibition, a Case Study on production and distribution of the low budget British film 'My Summer of Love and information on the Film Industry in the Digital Age) are all available on the department's Slideshare account here:


These should take you about 30/40 minutes to read through.

All available at the same location. Here's the booklet on Exhibition to get you started:

07 g322 section b exhibition 2012 from Alleyn's School Media Studies Department

All the booklets are available to download. Which is my way of saying you should download them, read them, make notes and review the questions as knowing a lot about the film industry is the way to get great marks on questions about the, er, Film Industry.

4. Practice Essays

I will give you two practice essays to complete in the three weeks of the holidays. Time yourself and spend one hour writing each.

Here is a break down of the exemplar essay I gave you.

Work hard and you will do well in Media Studies in the summer. Don't do the reading, and watching, and writing, then prepare to underachieve.