Monday, 12 December 2016

Year 12 Mock Exam Preparation

Your Y12 Mock exam will take place immediately after Christmas. Yay!

It will be a full mock - 2 hours - and will take place in the Media Room, EA01.

Section A will be an unseen extract based on the work you have done with Miss Legg this term.

Section B will be a question on the role the internet has played in the marketing and exhibition of films.

We have only studied ONE of our THREE case studies thus far so you can right about the role the internet played in the marketing of 'Shifty'.

Now consider the two other films we've seen this term, 'The Girl on the Train' and 'Fantastic Beasts...' - what role did the internet play in marketing these two films?


What does 'marketing' mean?

What are the traditional ways a film 'markets' itself to an audience?

Posters - Cinema noticeboards ('Coming Soon') - Billboards, Bus Stop Advertising, advertising on the sides of buses - The Trailer - screened before a film - TV Adverts - Print Advertising....

What ways does the internet help?
Websites, YouTube channels, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Astroturfing (creating a fake grassroots following for your film), ARG - Alternate Reality Game (the original Blair Witch Project and the film Cloverfield are excellent examples of this)... Synergy with videogames/music industry, Viral Marketing... Critics/Review Aggregator Websites... Lots of Convergence

Then consider the way that these new developments have changed the way films are marketed...why is it good for low-budget films like Shifty but also for big budget films like Harry Potter?

The second part of the question relates to the way films are exhibited.

What have been the major developments in film exhibition and exchange that the internet has helped instigate?

Think D-Cinema, think VOD (Netflix, Amazon Prime, but also Curzon Home Cinema), think Piracy, think even the types of films that are being made - how has the internet affected 'content'?
How have the film exhibitors tried to fight back?