Friday, 22 January 2016

Year 12 Cover Work

Lovely Students,

I will be absent for period 3 but back for period 4 today...

You MUST have completed by the end of today your shooting schedule, including what equipment you'll need, you must know who will be in your cast, your blogs need to be complete incl properly labelled, all your research into similar media texts needs to be on your blog and labelled research and planning, you need examples of the kind of music you want to use for your soundtrack -

And you must have some research into different fonts for your titles -

And research into diferent idents for your production company - type in 'film production idents' into youtube - if you want a specific one then search for 'columbia films ident' etc - post these in your blog.

If you finish that then you need to do some audience research (vox pops/interviews people about your film proposal to see what people think/set up a Facebook page for your film and ask people to comment (keep it decent) - look at previous students work on the dept blog for inspiration.