Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Week 1 Work - Warp Films and Working Title

Discuss the ways in which media products are produced and distributed to audiences, within a media area, which you have studied.

The candidate received a low A grade for their response and used Warp Films and Working Title as their Case Studies.

Here's the presentation we went through in class:

Remember YOU have to put together information on Warp Films and in particular Four Lions (2010) and one other Warp Film.

Here's some good info on This is England (2008)

This will get you started on Four Lions:


U.S. Distribution

Representation and Four Lions

I will go through a Working Title Case Study with you as well. Here it is in advance:

G322 case study working title Case Stu from Alleyn's School Media Studies Department

Here's the trailer for The Boat That Rocked: